Pricing Chart

I offer a variety of development and maintenance services with pricing options to fit your businesses' needs. These are my most popular services, but if you think I might be able to help you with something else please feel free to reach out I'd love to talk about it.

WordPress Maintenance - One Time

I will create a backup of your website, generate a local copy, apply and test the updates, and make the changes in production if everything checks out. This includes up to thirty minutes of work, remaining time can be spent to repair issues with custom functionality (such as custom themes), or to help you reach best practices. ¤30.00 with additional time billed at ¤60.00

WordPress Maintenance - Contract

The same as a One Time update, but with a few benefits. First, I become familiar with your site so it takes less time to update your code, so more time goes to inspecting and improving your business. Second, there's discounted rates. ¤25.00/month (three month minimum) and ¤54.00 for additional time.

Development Time - No Retainer

I am a developer with over ten years of experience. I craft enterprise grade applications. I am quick to pick up new technology stacks, but I am most confident in the following technologies: .NET/.NET Core, ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core, MVC, WebAPI/WebAPI2, Blazor (WASM), Razor Pages, Entity Framework, T-SQL, Azure, Azure Database, Azure Functions, Azure WebJobs, SQL Server, PHP, mySQL/MariaDB, jQuery. My focus is on automation and internal applications, but I can make customer facing software when paired with a designer. Development time is billed weekly. ¤60.00/hour

Development Time - Retainer

I offer my services on retainer as well. I currently have 15 hours a month available for retainer rates. This time can be spent on development, analyzing and advising on your security posture, giving general IT support, maintaining servers, contributing to open source projects, or other agreed upon duties. Retainer fees are billed in advance, monthly. Additional hours are billed weekly. ¤50.00/hour in advance (three month minimum), ¤55.00/hour for additional time.